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Arithmetic operators in python


Operators are used to performing operations on any given data stored inside variables.

And arithmetic operators makes mathematical operations possible on operands in a program.

I know! I know! This is a basic concept! But let's make it fun!

Starting with addition and subtraction

Alt Text Output:

Addition 9
Subtraction 8

Now, Multiplication and Division

Alt Text Output:

Multiplication 314.0
Division 2.0

Special arithmetic operators

  • Floor division - //: rounds of the result to the nearest whole number.
  • Modulus - %: produces the remainder of the numbers Alt Text Output:
Floor Division 3
Modulus 1
  • Exponentiation - ** : produces the power of given numbers Alt Text Output:
Exponentiation 0.025517964452291125
Exponentiation 37.78343433288728

Code along and have fun ;)